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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

To have an excellent health it is important to have “a healthy mind and healthy body”, practice regular exercise, rest enough, eat in a healthy, balanced and diverse way, have a good physical and oral hygiene and a good social interaction.

The healthy “High Nutrient Density Foods” of OX Nature, of organic or wild culture, provide you with high quantities of nutrients per portion: essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, fibre, protein, antioxidants and phytonutrients, amongst others, which are essential to help improving your quality of life.


We have selected the best and most nutritious Superfoods that nature can offer us, deriving from the most diverse parts of the world, to enrich your diet with: energy, vitality and well-being.


Living healthily… and being healthy… only depends on us!


21 High Nutrient Density Foods
Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
Biological and 100% Natural Ingredients
Friends of a Healthy Lifestyle
Easy to Incorporate in your Daily Diet
For Breakfast, Lunch, Tea or Dinner and at Any Time of The Day
Healthy, Practical and Delicious.


The brand OX Nature was conceived and designed for almost six years by Portuguese entrepreneurs with extensive experience and knowledge in the Healthy Food Area, in collaboration with professionals from various surrounding areas, who were fundamental for the success achieved by the brand.

We focused on creating something that was exceptional and therefore we have analyzed in detail all the specifications and gaps in the product category to get an innovative product of superior quality and with which consumers could be identified. We wanted to leave behind the idea that a healthy product has no taste and is not pleasant.

We want this dream to become a meaningful way of life and that OX Nature is that moment of the day that is not forgotten, because it is a moment for us, only ours, because it is intense and purely healthy.
We chose the best and most nutritious Superfoods (also called nutrient-dense foods) that nature can offer, originating in the most diverse regions of the world, to provide your diet with energy, vitality and well-being and thus leading to a better, longer and healthier life.

It was necessary to give body and soul to the idea that we idealized and developed the commercialization of the product. For this we have the collaboration of the best designers and marketing experts, who played a decisive role in this embryonic phase of the project. An image that conveys the whole personality of the brand with timeless elegance and simplicity.

At the beginning of 2014 we began the production, presentation and commercialization of the brand in Portugal. The initial impact of the brand on the market, its dissemination in social networks and the impetus by bloggers, nutritionists, book authors, among others, as much or more important, made us feel even more the need and the responsibility to maintain and continue to develop this responsible project.

Thus, in 2014, OX Nature appeared on the market to be a nutritious and responsible option at the family table with innovative products and superior quality, made by passionate people who believe in the importance of good nutrition for life. We intend to be a reference in the sector of healthy and functional foods, which acts in the national and global market.

Ox Nature “High Density Food”… Eat well. Live well.

From breakfast to dinner, OX Nature offers reliable, delicious and truly natural products… for all ages and stages of life!

Healthy eating improves the body, mood and even humor. Therefore, OX Nature believes that eating right is consuming food that takes care of our body. A philosophy that we follow in the permanent search for a natural diet and a healthy life.

Our commitment is to improve our offer and our services. We have done more than brand marketing, we have developed a series of associations that help to spread new talents in the most varied areas of sports, bloggers, book authors, alternative projects, humanitarian associations and chefs, among others.

So that we can get to you, our greatest source of inspiration, the attentive and demanding consumer, to whom we cannot fail to express our deepest gratitude.

The slogan of the brand is “High Density Foods”, which means foods that provide high amounts of nutrients per serving: essential fats, carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals, beneficial substances for health; contain fewer calories compared to other foods in the same group, and have low levels of cholesterol, salt, sugar, and alcohol.
Most of these nutrients and substances that contain these foods perform active functions in our body, and are known as functional foods, which help maintain health, prevent and reduce the risk of various diseases, with a direct positive effect on health and well-being.

At a corporate level, OX Nature’s commitment goes through our growth, through the expansion to other customers, always maintaining the main activity: food supplementation. At a competitive level, the company bets on the development of the brand and new products, especially to create or allow differences to competition and have a competitive positioning differential: this is a relatively clear differentiation strategy. At a functional level, or operational, the most visible to the outside is based on the marketing strategy, especially in the relatively intensive use of communication below the line – events and sponsorships – and by the presence in the most important international fairs.

Together with the current need for rejuvenation, preservation and body culturing, OX Nature maintains its focus on innovation, its product range growth, entering less-explored markets, retaining customers and growing, as needs grow in the area of nutrition/supplements.

Having a healthy lifestyle is not a fad, but a trend which is here to stay, and the need to take care of the body is present not only in Portugal, but throughout the world.

OX Nature is not just a brand … it’s a Concept of Life!

To be a reference of quality in whole meal, natural and organic foods, and to maintain a sustained and participative market growth.

OX Nature aims to position itself as a key player in the national and global market for functional foods and nutraceuticals, following trends in world markets and providing high quality products, appropriate to the nutritional profiles of modern society, 100% natural, whole meal and organic, certified and free of pesticides or genetically modified, environmentally friendly, raw or processed at low temperatures to preserve most of its nutrients and taste, gluten free and lactose free, suitable for all diets, Including raw and vegan diets.

We are aware of our role in society, our goal is to provide relevant information about our products and we want to help improve the nutritional status of consumers by promoting healthy lifestyles, a varied and balanced diet, as well as promoting regular practice of physical exercise, in order to significantly improve the health, well-being and quality of life of people.

Passion for success; passion for contribution; passion for excellence. The values of OX Nature serve to focus this passion to consistently achieve our mission.

Fulfill our commitment to our partners and consumers. Innovating, respecting and strengthening the established relationship of trust, result of a close proximity and strong technical and commercial support, developed with standards of responsibility and ethics.
We bet on the revelation of the different agents of the industry – coaches, conventional and alternative medicine practitioners, physiotherapists and other health professionals; as well as the commercial teams of existing points of sale in dietetics, pharmacies and parapharmacies, gyms, among others, through prescription, carried out by nutritionists, dietitians and other health professionals.
Get closer and closer to the consumer, with which we commit ourselves to the strict quality of our products and rigorously selected raw materials. Accompanying all stages of the products from the origin, to the production methods of the laboratories carefully selected and certified.
We want the OX Nature to be a reference in the diet market and nutritional supplements worldwide. The mission of the company is to offer essentially innovative and certified products of high quality in the market of nutrition and dietetics, emphasizing the motivation of employees, and all those who work daily in partnership with us.

Innovation is essential to our continued growth. Create value-added products, and anticipate the wishes of consumers.

The launch of new products is a constant action, also representing a process that requires a great internal work, from the investigation of credible products and suppliers, and all the complexity that surrounds it, to its production, its storage, its communication, and finally, its commercialization. These are processes that delay and hinder new launches. However, these are also responsible for the excellent quality of OX Nature products.

Quality is fundamental to our business. It is not only expected by our customers as it is required by ourselves. We are responsible for ensuring quality in everything we do, evenly with our long-term brand strategy.

All OX Nature products are produced in certified laboratories in the EU, where no pharmaceuticals or doping substances are produced, therefore, there is no possibility of contamination. Another important control point concerns the selection of the raw materials used in the OX Nature formulas, which are always acquired in laboratories and companies that comply with international quality standards. These laboratories/companies are required to provide Analysis of Heavy Metals, Microbiological and Physical-Chemical Certificates.

Respect the environment, the consumer, the worker (employee), suppliers and society.

To develop whole meal, 100% natural, ecological and fair trade products.