Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Terms of Use

The terms of use are a contract between the User and OX. By accessing and using this Website, the User declares that he has read and understood the terms and accepts and agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
If the user does not agree to these terms, please do not use this website. Please note that the material presented on this website is protected by law.

2. Obligations and Behaviors

The User agrees to comply with the terms of use of this website so he makes a commitment to: provide correct, updated and complete information when registering on this website; maintain the security of their password and identification; update their information; accept all risks arising from unauthorized access to the information. The user is responsible for the protection, backup and adequate equipment used in the connection with this website.

The user of this website is only authorized to use the contents present for only personal purposes. The publication, reproduction or distribution of these contents to third parties is expressly prohibited, without previous authorization by OX.
OX reserves the right to take legal action against the authors of any unauthorized use of the content of this website.
By using this website, the user accepts and is responsible for the above Terms of Use.

3. Privacy and Security Policy

3.1. Data Reception

All data collected by OX have as sole and only purpose the identification of their customers in order to provide an excellent service, adapted to their characteristics and needs. Our company is committed to the privacy of all personal data of our clients, as well as their security. All information provided by the customer will only serve to help us provide a better service, more personalized and tailored to your needs.

3.2. Atualização de dados pessoais

According to the Law of Protection of Personal Data, all users have the right to access, update, modify or delete their personal data. Whenever you wish to do so, please contact us.

3.3. Links to Third Party Sites

This website may contain links to third party sites (“linked sites”), which, in our opinion, may contain useful information. The privacy policy presented here does not apply to these sites, so OX disclaims any liability for any direct or indirect damage that results from the use of this site or another connected to it. We encourage you to contact them directly to obtain information about their privacy policies, confidentiality agreements, and data collection / receipt procedures.

3.4.  Cookies

In order to offer a service as personalized as possible, uses cookies to collect and store information. A “cookie” is a small data file that is placed on your computer and allows you to remember your options, dates and previous routes in the web page. Using “non-persistent cookies” technology to count visits to the page, we are able to analyze the use of our site more accurately. If we do not use the “non-persistent cookies” technology, we do not collect personally identifiable information, except with your explicit permission. So, our website when requesting your password and username fills up with your ID and password, which allows us to use a “persistent cookie” in order to have access to this compact file of data created by the user.

3.5. Privacy Policy Updates

This privacy policy may be changed at any time without notice.

3.6. Inaccuracies

The information on this website may contain inaccuracies of a technical and/or typographic nature.

3.6. Questions or Clarifications

For any questions or clarification please contact us by email to

4. Notices, modifications and cancellation of services

OX can provide notices to users via email, regular mail or news on their website. OX reserves the right at any time to change, suspend or discontinue any service.
OX may at any time modify these terms by simply placing the changes on this website.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

All contents on this website that are not from third parties, are the exclusive property of OX: texts, images or any other type of information. In this way, they are protected by the Copyright Law. OX reserves the right at any time to change/modify its contents, without the obligation to inform users of the site in advance. OX is a registered trademark owned by Pharmabiz, Lda.